Some new BSOD notes

This is just some notes, for reference really.  Both relate to Windows XP.  Homefully these notes will stop further hair removal in the future if they should reappear…

STOP 7b – INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE – not only can this mean that the storage driver isn’t loading but it can also be caused by something like a chipset driver not loading.  In particular, something in the CriticalDeviceDatabase.  I have seen this crop up with Roxio’s drvmcdb.sys file.   This is registered in the registry as a service.  This service is listed as a lower filter on the CD-ROM class in the registry and the CD-ROM service is listed in the CriticalDeviceDatabase. So, if there is a problem with the drvmcdb.sys file then Windows won’t load with a 7b code.

STOP C2 – BAD_POOL_CALLER – I’ve seen this caused by a corrupt ntuser.dat for one of the machine’s users.  It took ages to troubleshoot this one, because even doing a repair install of Windows will not stop it.  Setup will BSOD at “Completing Installation” with 24 minutes left.  Restoring a backup from the System Volume Information cures it.

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